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A unique chance to turn back time and remember the time when we were all young and ready to discover new game worlds. Relive the best moments!


Create a hero from 6 original races and 41 classes and immerse yourself in a nostalgic atmosphere where the rewards outweigh the risks.

Remember the game as it was, but on a new unique game client!

Join our growing community and compete against the biggest clans on l2project.club Evarth x10!





1.png Server: High Five Chronicles 5. Java implementation based on PTS (skills, quests, mobs, NPCs)
2.png Client Interface: Unique interface for High Five client
3.png Buffs / Dances / Songs / Prophecies
4.png Full compliance with off server
5.png Agathion with the function of auto-selection of drops from monsters (manual selection from RB)
6.png  Class transfer cost:

  • 1st - is free
  • 2nd - 3, 000,000 Adena
  • 3rd - 5 Golden Einhasad or a quest!

7.png Maximum number of gaming sessions (all free) on one computer: 3
8.png All skills are learned from your class manager and for forgotten scrolls
9.png Max subclass level - 85!
10.png All epic bosses are alive at server start



button_right_arrow.png Exp: x10
button_right_arrow.png SP: x10
button_right_arrow.png Adena: x6
button_right_arrow.png Drop: x3
button_right_arrow.png Spoil: x6
button_right_arrow.png Drop from RB: x3
button_right_arrow.png Drop from Epic RB: x2



21.png Experience (XP): +50%
22.png Skill Points (SP): +50%
23.png Adena: +50%
24.png Drop chance: +50%
25.png Spoiler chance: +50%
26.png Chance to create Master Work Item: +5%
27.png Enchant chance: +5%
28.png Experience loss on death (XP): No loss XP
29.png World shouts: additional 30 world shouts (via -) per day

Please note that
1 day of premium costs - 5 Silver Shilen
3 days - 1 Gold Einhasad
7 days - 2 Gold Einhasad
30 days - 7 Gold Einhasad
60 days - 12 Gold Einhasad
90 days - 18 Gold Einhasad
180 days - 24 Gold Einhasad.



button_right_arrow.png Max weapon enchant: +16
button_right_arrow.png Maximum sharpening for armor and jewelry: +12
button_right_arrow.png High Five Attribute System: 120/300
button_right_arrow.png Chance to Insert an Attribute Stone: 60%
button_right_arrow.png Chance to Insert an Attribute Crystal: 50%
button_right_arrow.png Chance to enchant Olf T-shirts after +3: ~50%



The respawn time of raid bosses has been reduced and ranges from 6 to 12 hours (randomly) + - 4 hours. The respawn time and drop chance of Epic Bosses accessories is given below

11.png Queen Ant: Respawn time 48 hours +-8. Ant Queen Ring chance 100%
12.png Orfen: Respawn time 72 hours +-8. Orfen's earing chance 100%
13.png Core: Respawn time 72 hours +-8. Core's ring chance 100%
17.png Beleth: Respawn time 192 hours +-8. Beleth's ring chance 100%
15.png Antharas: Respawn time 192 hours +-8. Antharas earing chance 100%
16.png Baium: Respawn time 120 hours +-8. Baium's ring chance 100%
18.png Valakas: Respawn time 264 hours +-8. Valakas' necklace chance 100%




Ice Queen Freya: The timer for entering the Snow Queen's Lair is reset every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30. From 11 to 27 people at least level 82 can enter the instance.
32.png Frintezza: Instance reset every Wednesday and Saturday at 6:30. From 36 to 45 people at least level 80 can enter the instance (min.: 14 players)
14.png Zaken: Resetting the entry timer at 06:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
31.png Night Zaken: Instance reset every Wednesday at 6:30.




Gold Einhasad

  • ge.png Gold Einhasad is the main and single currency on the server. Coins can be used to purchase various services and items in the in-game store(Alt+B);

  • ge.png Gold Einhasad can be exchanged, dropped, destroyed, sold in a private store or other stores. You can also exchange 1 Gold Einhasad for 10 Silver Shilen in the exchange service to buy cheaper services or items;
  • ge.png Gold Einhasad can be obtained by purchasing coins on our website;
  • ge.png Gold Einhasad are moved to the character's inventory like adena and have no weight.


Silver Shilen

  • ss.png Silver Shilen is an additional currency. Coins can be used to buy cheaper (less than 1 Gold Einhasad) services or items in the in-game store(Alt+B);
  • ss.png Silver Shilen can be exchanged, dropped, destroyed, sold in a private store or other stores.
  • ss.png Silver Shilen can be obtained by exchanging 1 Gold Einhasad for 10 Silver Shilen in game services;
  • ss.png Silver Shilen are moved to the character's inventory like adena and have no weight;
  • ss.png Silver Shilen is also used for buying offline trade, offline crafting and offline selling buffs.


Game Store (Alt+B)


button_right_arrow.png You can buy different items from the in-game store. The store is divided into 12 categories: "Runes", "Accessories", "Cloack", "Bracelets", "Fortune Box", "Transformes", "Potions", "Pets", "Enchant Stones", "Clan Items", " Shots", and "Olf's T-shirt";
button_right_arrow.png You can also use the available services. The following services are available in the game store: "Premium Account", "255 Recommends", "Change Clan Name", "Expand Inventory", "Rename", "Exchange", "Change Name Color", "Change Title Color";



Agathion helper (Auto-loot 7 days)sep.png


button_right_arrow.png You can buy an agathion helper, who will be happy to automatically collect items from the ground instead of you. Please note that autoloot only works in solo play. Does not work on raid bosses;
button_right_arrow.png You can buy an assistant agathion in the "Bracelets" section. The duration of the assistant agathion is 7 days. Cost - 5 Gold Einhasad;
button_right_arrow.png Share items within characters on your account via Game Assistant.


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